Q&A with our award-winning mixologist

Tommo is a vital member of our bar crew here at Captain’s Club. He is an award-winning mixologist so we racked his brains about his career so far and, of course, his favourite cocktails.

How long have you been a mixologist?

I started in the business in May 2010 as a part time glasswasher at the weekends then moved onto the bar to pull pints and make basic drinks such as vodka coke and gin & tonic. Shortly after that I went to and competed in my first cocktail competition where I was awarded 2nd place. This gave me the confidence and drive to continue and pursue my career in bar work. Since then I have a few accolades to my name now.

Trust us, he’s being modest! How long have you been at Captain’s Club?

I started my bar career at Captain’s Club when I was 17, so about 6 and a half years.

What is your favourite cocktail to make?

Definitely a Dry Martini with an olive and a twist

What is your favourite cocktail to drink?

An Old Fashioned – It is simple, can be made almost anywhere, and really showcases whichever spirit you are using.

If your personality could be summed up in a cocktail what would it be and why?

A Manhattan – I’m generally sweet but can be a bit fiery and bitter if you catch me on a bad day.

Tommo is a very modest man and we are extremely proud of him. He’s twice been chosen as the winner of Best Bartender at the Christchurch Food and Wine Festival and has 3 times been a World Class Diageo Semifinalist. On top of all of this he has also won the Meridian Bartenders League 2015, the Absolut Vodka 13th Classic Competition, and the South UKBG Bartender of the Year 2015. Needless to say we are very lucky to have him aboard.

You can sample Tommo’s award-winning cocktails for yourself at Captain’s Club. Visit our drinks and bar page to find out more about the fantastic cocktails we offer.