Meet Willow, our friendly hotel dog

What a dog’s life it has been! I have now been the official doggy ambassador at the Captain’s Club Hotel & Spa for four years and I love it...but don’t tell them!

About me – Willow!

Based in the hotel’s back office – a hub of people doing reservations, events, and accounts – I like to take control. This does mean that I bark a lot! They say I’m naughty, but I’m just being protective. You could say it is my way of being friendly and saying “hello” to strangers and those not wearing their uniform.

For the majority of the time I curl up and rest my eyes but when Jo, our Reservations Manager, gets out her lunch (which she has in stages) I suddenly perk up. Really, tasting the food is an important part of quality control!

Other dogs at Captain’s Club

I welcome many doggy friends to the hotel and I leave a note to tell their parents the rules I have put in place to make sure everyone is happy.  The suites offered to my canine friends all have an open plan lounge/dining area, complete with a refrigerator for any special fresh doggy treats. Mo, our Housekeeper, loves us all but we know when enough is enough.

Dog walking in Christchurch

For dogs (and humans), Christchurch is a beautiful part of the country to visit and there are lots of wonderful places to walk. I am not allowed on a few of the beaches between May and September but with the beautiful New Forest (pictured above) on my doorstep who am I to complain?

New friend at the hotel

Recently I have been introduced to a new best friend called BASIL, he is an Australian cocker-poo. In April he is launching his own website and embarking on a journey called “Travel with Basil”.

Although I have been lucky enough to stay in many hotels and visit lots of hostelries I have a feeling that with his mummy and daddy, Karen and Bryan, in tow I am going to be very jealous. Follow him on Twitter at @travelwithbasil  and like his facebook page to keep updated on his travels.

If you want some more information about how you can fit into the canine family at Captain’s Club, ask your human to call our team on 01202 475111.