COVID-19 Policies

Updated April 2021

 Our hotel will fully reopen from May 17th, 2021. 

We have procedures in place to ensure the safety of our staff and guests, which we have listed below:


We have worked hard to ensure the Captain’s Club Hotel and Spa is looking its best and the crew cannot wait to welcome you back. We are confident that we can safely deliver the quality experience you would expect from us.


On arrival we have plenty of parking spaces available for our guests. An email will be sent in advance of arrival to collect all the relevant information we need including confirmation of payment arrangements. Unless there is a specific, pre-planned need we will not be handling guest luggage at this time.



Our team has been considering every step of your journey from your arrival and check-in, to room service and housekeeping service. Despite the regulations on keeping our distance from you, we’re confident we can still look after you with our usual high standards of hospitality. We have made sure safety screening is in place, convenient sanitising stations are on hand and all our furniture is set up to observe social distancing regulations.


Our wonderful river facing two and three bedroom suites:

Our beautiful two and three bedroom suites lend themselves perfectly to you and your family being able to enjoy, not just the spectacular views of the River Stour, but additional privacy and total safety with, if required, all your meals delivered to your suite. Of course this applies also to our beautifully appointed state rooms which too are generous in proportion and have the ability for you to enjoy room service in-situ.

We have also created a beautiful “social-distancing” lounge on the ground floor with a Club resident’s terrace for you to enjoy the sunshine, all with private access down from the bedrooms.


To respect distancing, we will provide housekeeping services whilst you are out. Our team will be available from 8.30am through to 3.30pm. If we cannot access your room during this time, or you prefer us not to enter, we will be pleased to offer fresh towels, toiletries and tea/coffee/milk refills on request, which can be placed outside each guest bedroom/suite, if desired.

The super-experienced housekeeping team, under the guidance of head housekeeper Mo, will have followed meticulous guidelines, making sure that in advance of your stay your room or suite has been entirely sanitised, adhering to Visit England and UK Hospitality standards during these unprecedented times.

Our sanitising product meets the emerging pathogen standard as effective against Covid-19 and meet this because they are effective against previous coronavirus strains. A full housekeeping checklist procedure will be followed during each clean to make sure every surface is immaculate and sanitised.

Remember we are only a phone call away to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


To keep our valued guests and our crew safe at all times, we will ensure public spaces are continually cleaned and sanitised throughout the day, including front desk, door handles, push plates, handrails and toilet facilities . All our crew will be fully trained in all areas of compliance and social distancing.

Please be assured that our precautions, processes, and procedures will be constantly reviewed by our senior management team. We will ensure that this policy is consistently updated to give you the very latest information.


  • Book your stay online or call our reservations team on 01202 475 111.
  • We strongly advise that you download the government track and trace App to ensure we are all alerted to any guests who may pose a risk of spreading Covid-19
  • If you have any concerns about your stay, our team will be happy to talk to you further about these. We will continually update the website to include any necessary changes due to policy updates.


  • We kindly ask that if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 that you do not enter the hotel and return home to self-isolate. These include a high temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste and loss of smell.
  • Upon entering the hotel you will be guided to take a one way route in and then be directed to reception where we have two welcome points with Perspex screens.
  • Hand sanitising stations are located at reception and various other locations across the hotel including outside of all lift entrances/exits.
  • We will only be accepting debit and credit cards for payment for the foreseeable future. If it is essential that you need to pay by cash please arrange to pay in at reception on arrival. A credit will be placed on to your room invoice.
  • Check-in time is from 3.00pm with no early access available unless the room has been pre-booked for the night before your stay
  • The check-in procedure will be minimal due to the collection of information prior to your arrival. You will be given a key card and directions to your room. You will not be accompanied to the room at this time but all in-room information will be provided in advance. If you do require assistance this must be pre-arranged so that we can ensure the safety of you and our crew members.


  • We kindly ask that resident guests use their own in room toilet facilities at all times to avoid over- crowding of the public facilities.
  • Only one person at a time will be allowed into the six available toilets across the ground floor. All will be regularly cleaned and sanitised and each toilet will be closed whilst the cleaning process is being undertaken.
  • Guest lift use will be restricted to one person at a time or one family group.
  • A one way system will be operational on the ground floor, it will work in a clockwise direction from the host desk located just inside the main entrance. Floor signage and free-standing signs will provide the directional flow information.
  • There will be one exit door to the terrace and a different door to exit from the terrace within both the lounge area and the restaurant. Directional signs will be available to assist you.
  • All guests and crew members are encouraged to observe the two-metre distancing rule at all times when walking throughout the building and on the outdoor terrace.


  • The Captain’s Club Hotel is fortunately designed in such a way that it is open-plan and very spacious. We also have a large terrace available across the whole front of the property. This will mean that you can dine with us feeling confident that we have all the spacing in place to keep all our guests and crew safe.
  • During this time, as per Government guidelines, we will be operating full table service throughout therefore we will ask guests not to visit the bar for drinks but will have two stations, with Perspex screening, at the bar where payments can be made.
  • Again we are requesting that debit and credit cards are used as we would request that minimal cash will be handled.
  • Resident guests, particularly those in the suites, can use the excellent room service facilities that are available. The menu can be accessed through the television.
  • We are able to offer table configurations based on your household size, or those resident guests staying together, up to a maximum of six guests per table.
  • Tables will be bookable at staggered intervals so all guests are encouraged to book in advance.
  • There will be a ten-minute gap between bookings to enable the area to be cleaned and sanitised
  • Guest and crew hand sanitisation stations will be placed at intervals across the ground floors and we encourage their use at all times.
  • All our crew will receive additional training and require sanitisation before starting work whether working in front or back of house. Each will be given the necessary PPE to comply with government guidelines and trained in their usage.

5. CCSpa

  • As of 1st August 2020 the spa has re-opened. We will be keeping a very close eye on government communication and policy concerning spas & as such our sauna has just re-opened for use, alongside some additional measures.
  • Please note that all gift vouchers associated with the spa have had their expiry dates extended for three months, although as an alternative some guests may prefer to use the spa voucher value towards other facilities within the hotel during this time, be that food & beverage or accommodation.


  • Every guest room will be fully sanitised before each stay and then will not be entered prior to your arrival.
  • Fabric items will be sprayed with an approved sanitising solution which is suitable for use against Covid-19 but is harmless to you and us.
  • All bed linen and towels are laundered by a third party (Regency laundry) who have state of the art equipment and procedures in place to ensure the linen and towels are washed to the correct temperature. All linen used is dedicated to the Captain’s Club Hotel and has name labels on all sheets, pillowcases and towels to ensure there is no cross contamination.
  • Housekeepers will enter your room when you are out and will be available to service your room from 8.30am through until 3.30pm. No housekeeping service will be available past this point, including turndown.
  • Housekeepers have been fully trained in cleaning and sanitising procedures and will be equipped with the necessary PPE.
  • For those guests not requiring housekeeping service during their stay we will be pleased to offer fresh towels, toiletries and tea/coffee/milk refills on request, which can be placed outside each guest bedroom/suite, if desired.
  • The majority of guest information services will be provided through the television. Any other necessary printed material will be laminated and sanitised on a daily basis.
  • During this time magazines and daily/weekly newspapers will not be available.


  • An email will be sent to you on the morning of check out directly from our reservations system that is linked to your booking. If there are any room charge disputes we ask that you contact reception via telephone prior to your departure
  • To check out all you need to do is attend the front desk and place your key card in the provided tank. This will enable housekeeping to access your room as quickly as possible after departure to prepare for arriving guests.
  • Payment will be taken automatically from the debit or credit card that will have been taken and authorised in advance.
  • Check out time will be 11.00am. Sadly this cannot be extended during this time unless an additional night is able to be booked in advance.


  • As stated in all of the areas listed above you will note that all crew have received additional training in cleaning and sanitisation. Each has been fully trained to be aware of what Covid-19 is and to tell us as soon as they have any symptoms whatsoever so that they can go into self-isolation.
  • All crew will wear the appropriate PPE in line with government and hospitality UK recommendations and will be trained how to manage their own PPE in terms of cleanliness. Each crew member has been issued with a dedicated mask which will remain in their ownership.
  • All back of house crew will observe the two-metre working practice rule at all times.
  • Any changes in government or hotel policy will be notified on all back of house notice boards in order that the crew are fully aware of all rules at all times.
  • Above all, the crew are here to look after you and help make your stay as comfortable as possible whilst making sure that they, and you, are kept safe at all times.

We all look forward to welcoming you to our safe haven by the river!